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Vincent, Managing Director, Totalgaz Southern Africa


Vincent Scarmure, with 25 years experience, has held various key positions at Total. Since 2013, he has been the Managing Director of Totalgaz Southern Africa.

Vincent, a LPG, Network and Lubricants specialist

Vincent has a Masters Degree in Finance and Marketing from FUCAM University in Mons, Belgium. He started his career with FINA in 1989 in the Commercial Centre of Felui in Belgium as a Sales Representative. Since then, he has held various key positions at Total, essentially in LPG, Network and Lubricants. Vincent extended his knowledge in lubricants while working for four years as a Sales Representative.  He was then promoted as Regional Manager of Lubes for Total Fina Elf.  Vincent then worked for three years as LPG Manager, Benelux before being promoted to LPG Sales Director (packaging) for Totalgaz France.

In 2010, he joined Proseca (COCO network), a directly managed Total subsidiary as Operational Director for a period of three years in France which then led him to his first international assignment in South Africa as Managing Director of Totalgaz.

Vincent now heads up over 150 employees at their Cape Town based Head Office in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Totalgaz LPG network coverage

Vincent advised that Totalgaz has been present in the commercial, agricultural and industrial markets as bulk suppliers since the 1970s. The arrival of the Elf Gas brand in 1996 reinforced the company’s position in the important cylinder market. The much-loved orange cylinders of Elf Gas were re-branded with the Totalgaz name and Totalgaz is now a substantial player in the South African LPG market.

Vincent also reminds us that the Totalgaz Southern Africa LPG network covers South Africa in its entirety and has additional branches in Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland.  The network is made up of 14 depots owned and operated by the Company and consists of more than 8 independent distributor-run sites. 

In addition, Totalgaz is extending its network by distributing LPG through a large number of Total Service Stations in the country. 

Expanding the LPG market in Cape Town

 Vincent explains that Totalgaz Southern Africa announced the signing of an agreement to purchase the storage, filling and distribution assets of KayaGas in October 2015. The transaction was approved by the South African Competition Commission. KayaGas, under a new name, continues as an importer of LPG to the industry. With the acquisition of KayaGas, Totalgaz will be able to reach a wider audience that is diverse and already established.

Vincent Scarmure explains how his experiences in the LPG market were essential in the acquisition of KayaGas expanding its service offering to customers in the LPG market. They supply gas to the Wholesale, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality and Domestic sectors. They deliver LPG in Cape Town to the customer’s doorstep. Vincent, who identified the opportunity and was part of the acquisition process from the onset, ensured they followed the sale process as prescribed by South Africa law. He also ensured that the transaction was approved by the South African Competition Commission. According to him, “It is an exciting opportunity to provide our products and high quality services to a wider client base.’’

Lulamile Xate, Chairman of KayaGas, said the company had achieved many things. Among them, “We proved it possible to supply the low-income market and developed innovative means of supplying domestic and commercial customers. Under a new name we will concentrate on ensuring that periodic shortages of LPG will no longer plague LPG consumers.”

Committed to uplifting communities close to its operations

Corporate Social Investment is integral to business and its prosperity. From Vincent’s point of view it is important that Totalgaz South Africa actively demonstrates the value it places on people by supporting, developing and uplifting communities, by creating jobs, supporting education and preserving heritage through arts and culture. There are various CSI initiatives that Totalgaz is committed to in the Western Cape and believes that the communities close to their operations should be better off because they are there.



KayaGas is the largest supplier of LPG cylinders in Cape Town and was founded in 2006 by George Tatham, Arthur Shipalana and Lulamile Xate. The early activities of the company was to launch an LPG product which would be adopted on a large scale by communities as a viable alternative to traditional solid fuels such as wood and coal, as well as paraffin. The company launched its 5kg KayaGas cylinder together with a range of affordable appliances in 2006 and has to date been successful in converting more than 100,000 low-income households to LPG users.





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It is an exciting opportunity to provide our products and high quality services to a wider client base.

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2013 - to this date

Managing Director, Totalgaz Southern Africa


2010 - 2013

Operational Director of Proseca (COCO network)