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TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa - Committed to Growing Talent

Through the provision of these training programmes, TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa strives to equip each individual with new skills and a career progression strategy. The Company’s main aim is to address industry scarce and critical skills through its training programmes. TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa’s skills development programmes include Bursaries, Learnerships, Internships, training for employees as well as partnerships with universities.



Starting at the foundation – Providing bursaries that empower the youth of South Africa

TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa annually awards up to ten bursaries every year to youth who require financial assistance for full-time tuition at an FET college or university in order to obtain a formal qualification. The company’s aim is to enhance youth development and to create a pool of talent which feeds into its internship programme. Bursaries are awarded to previously disadvantaged individuals on merit, provided they have maintained an average grade of more than 65% on all subjects. Studies for each degree or diploma are directly linked to TotalEnergies’s core business.

TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa’s bursary programmes offered are geared towards greater youth development and employability, thereby creating a pool of talent which feeds into the company’s Young Talent Graduate Programme. This also enhances TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa’s efforts to create a skills pool for scarce and critical skills required by the company.

On the job training for graduates through TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa’s internship and leanership programmes

TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa’s learnership programme targets unemployed matriculants who have passed mathematics and physical science with 65% and offers graduates hands-on corporate knowledge and experience in the fields of finance, human resources, engineering, operations to prepare them for their chosen career in the working world. The programme is structured to enable the learners to experience classroom and practical on-the-job training.

Learners who successfully complete the programme are awarded with a Further Education and Training Certificate, which is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on a NQF Level 2 (recognised nationally by chemical industries) and accredited by Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority (CHIETA).

TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa also offers a 12-month workplace internship skills development programme which provides graduates with experience and exposure to the real working world. Internships are offered across various areas of business, both in specialised engineering and the broader fields of commerce. The graduates enlisted by TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa are outgoing team players who are not afraid to express themselves. They are exposed to many different kinds of people and projects, and a diverse way of thinking. As an extension to the internship programme, TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa offers five South African graduates an experience to work in a global environment - in both Africa and Paris - for a period of one year to gain international exposure in their chosen field.

Partnership with universities to maximise results

An advocate for quality education, TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa entered into partnership agreements with the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) as well as the University of Namibia. TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa has since 2010, had a formal agreement with the University of Witwatersrand to help selected students with full scholarship bursaries covering full tuition and textbook costs. Similarly, in 2014 TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa affirmed its commitment to the contribution of the educational empowerment of Namibia’s youth at a signing ceremony, in partnership with the University of Namibia.

The partnerships provide students as well as the University staff members with the opportunity to participate in conferences, symposia and international meetings regarding the oil and gas technology industry. They also further enable them to collaborate in the development and delivery of conferences relating to the fields of oil and gas exploration techniques. In addition, students are also able to collaborate on the development of appropriate short courses for all conference or symposia participants. TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa also sends two professors from each university to Paris along with the graduates sent to the Total Summer School on an annual basis.

The agreement with tertiary educational institutions is one of many initiatives employed by TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa that contributes towards the empowerment, up-skilling and education of the country’s youth and addressing the country’s skills shortage in key economic sectors in South Africa and Africa. The agreement also covers funding for the Masters programme in petroleum engineering at both universities.

Skills development for TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa employees

TotalEnergies Marketing South Africarecognises that a company is only ever as good as its people and thus has a number of attractive benefits for its employees. The company believes in assisting employees with their career progression wherever possible. Creating a stable and secure work environment which recognises and rewards enthusiasm and hard work is core to the success of any business. TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa believes in developing strong ties with its people that go beyond basic payment, while at the same time offering them a number of highly-competitive and attractive benefits including, but not limited to, Medical Aid, Provident Fund, Performance Rewards and Employee Share Schemes.

To this end, Total South Africa has invested in a significant number of different and highly-creative initiatives, from secondary benefits and working conditions through to performance management programmes, which are not only well thought out and structured, but are equally well aligned with the culture of the company. TotalEnergies Marketing South Africais proud to be recognised as one of South Africa’s Top Employers by the Top Employer Institute for three consecutive years, which gives testament to the fact the company values all its employees for their contribution towards the success of TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa and rewards them for their hard work and commitment.

In 2009 TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa launched the Employee Volunteer Programme, a partnership with the Dealers and TotalEnergies employees where children of service station employees are eligible to receive more than R250 000 in educational grants. TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa has since fully and solely implemented the TotalEnergies Bursary Scheme awarding bursaries to the children of Pump Attendants at Total service stations who have worked for the company for four years and longer.

In conclusion, skills development is an integral part of the Total South Africa’s business, not merely for the purpose of helping TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa achieve its business goals but also to help develop a broader industry. TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa was proudly awarded the 2015 Oliver Empowerment Award in the skills development category. The award recognises outstanding leaders - individuals or organisations who have exemplified inspiration, vision, innovation, leadership, and action for empowerment and transformation. Winning the award bears testament that Total South Africa is committed to growing talent both for its employees and for communities that reside within close proximity to its operations.

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