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Our Commitment to Better Energy Is Fuelling Change at the Community Level

One of the cornerstones of our business practice is ensuring that the communities in which we work benefit from our activities. This is why collaborative development, sustainability and the creation of shared value form the basis of our relationship with the South African National Parks Board. We have been privileged to channel our energies into an on-going Kruger National Park clean-up campaign, as well as scholar education funding.

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    Total South Africa funds the Keep the Kruger Clean Campaign to help preserve the Kruger National Park.

Keeping the Kruger Clean

The Keep Kruger Clean campaign began in 1996, and was introduced to put a stop to the tragic poisoning and deaths of animals caused by littered and polluted roads, rivers and dams. Once a year, we work with staff, local communities, learners, educators and local authorities, first to educate, and then to pick up litter from every corner of the park.

Kids in Kruger

Kids in the Kruger is an educational programme that aims to foster a love for this fragile wilderness area in learners, educators and neighbouring communities. It is our wish, with continued funding, that our children will continue to discover how important it is to care for and protect South Africa’s fragile wildlife and ecosystems.

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