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Fuelling the Power of Women, Part of Our Commitment to Better Energy

We are proud to have been the exclusive supporters of The Female Entrepreneur Awards for over 20 years. These awards recognise women in agriculture, focusing on food security, job creation, female youth, the disabled, poverty alleviation and sustainability.

The Award Categories

Nominees for The Female Entrepreneur Awards are identified in different categories in all the provinces and are then taken through a rigorous adjudication process. The categories are: Best Female Worker, Best Subsistence Producer, Top Entrepreneur Smallholder, Top Entrepreneur (Commercial), Ministerial Special Award/s and Overall Winner.

Paying Tribute to Women’s​ Empowerment

We believe that a community functions best when women are empowered to contribute meaningfully to everyday living. Through The Female Entrepreneur Awards we pay tribute to the tangible female energy that we feel around us. That’s just one of the ways in which we ensure that our activities have a positive impact on South African society.  We are honoured to have made a small difference in the lives of these women, to whom we owe so much.

Our local Projects