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Total In South Africa


As part of its commitment to developing South Africa, Total South Africa was one of the first oil companies to introduce service stations in previously disadvantaged areas. Considered to be a pioneer in local employment, Total South Africa has been recognised for a substantial number of firsts when it comes to progressive transformation. Notably, it was the first multinational oil company in South Africa to appoint a female executive. During the 1960s, it was also the first oil company to introduce its brand into what were then known as predominantly black townships, also taking the initiative to appoint black service station owners.

About Total South Africa

Total South Africa is a BBBEE certified 52.25% Black Owned company. Total South Africa is an integral part of, and plays a significant role in, the international, world-class Total. This means that our company is able to benefit from shared access to internationally acclaimed best practices, technological expertise and top-flight business innovations.



TOSACO and Remgro

Total South Africa is making significant progress in meeting a commitment to driving an adaptive economy characterised by growth, employment and equity. Our transformation strategy seeks to entrench our social responsibility commitment to supporting sustainable transformation, aligned with the South African legislative framework, specifically the Petroleum and Liquid Fuels Charter (LFC) and BBBEE Act.

Total South Africa owns 36.6% of Natref Refinery

The Natref refinery at Sasolburg was commissioned in 1971 and has been at the cutting edge of refining technology since its inception. Situated inland, the refinery's market for heavy fuel oil was quite limited. As a result, it was designed to get the most out of crude oil and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The refinery uses the bottoms up grading refining process using medium gravity crude oil and giving the refinery the capability of producing 70 percent more white product. Total South Africa owns a 36.6% share in the Natref Refinery.

Total’s solar affiliate, SunPower, is active in ground-mounted solar power plants and off-grid solar facilities in South Africa. It is currently building two solar power plants near Douglas, in the Northern Cape. Total is also implementing decentralised rural electrification programs through KwaZulu Energy Services (KES).

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