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Road Safety Cube

The Total Road Safety Cube is a road awareness programme for learners.


This initiative is designed to help children understand the rules and signs of the road and how to use the road safely.


Prior to the 10-week Programme commencing, Learners completed a questionnaire designed to assess their baseline knowledge of road safety. The same tool has been used at the conclusion of the Programme, to assess the impact of the Programme.

Delivery and Training

In 2014/2015, the TotalEnergies Road Safety Cube and its related Awareness Programme for young Learners was introduced to Grade 3 Learners in 30 Schools located in Soweto. Two educators from each of the participating schools were trained. The partnership with the Department of Education as well as Johannesburg Metro Police Department, is significant as the programme has been endorsed by both departments.   A total of 3178 Learners were involved in the 10-week programme adapted for application in South Africa.

Roll-Out 2017

The programme is set to roll out in the second quarter of the school calendar with 40 schools in 2017 during the second semester.  The objective is to impact on a further 4 000 – 5 000 learners during the 10 weeks intervention which will run as part of the Life Orientation curriculum. 


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