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16/10/2018 News

Total South Africa Plants a Forest for National Arbor Day

Under the 2018 National Arbor Day theme of "Forests and Sustainable Cities"

Approximately 600 Total South Africa staff members across the country got together to plant indigenous trees and seedlings at their various offices.

For this year's Arbor Day celebrations, Total South Africa partnered with Plant Nation, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the creation of functional farmland and educate the surrounding communities to live a self-sustainable, high quality lifestyle, where they can not only earn a living but grow one too. The emphasis of the organisation is to work on Municipal and Communal Land, working in schools, fields, parks and recreational areas.

In this year's Arbor Day programme, 600 Total South Africa staff members participated in planting a forest. Each participant was provided with a planting kit consisting of seedlings, a young spekboom sapling, pots, planting soil, decorative pebbles, bark and a watering can.

The first set of the planting kit was an Indigenous-Tree-Planting-Kit containing Lucky-Bean seeds. Staff members were shown how to plant and maintain the seedling which would be ready for planting in the ground within a year.

The second set of the planting kit was a Spekboom-Bonsai-Kit. Each staff member was given a young spekboom sapling. Staff members got creative and were exhilarated as they were shown how to plant and groom their own spekboom bonsai trees that can be kept at their own offices or homes.

For the third element of the programme, for every lucky-bean seed and spekboom bonsai tree planted by a Total South Africa staff member, Plant Nation has undertaken to seeding one of six species of indigenous trees at a greenhouse at the Cradle of Humankind. The saplings from these seeds will be ready for planting in one year's time at which point they will be planted on heritage land in the Cradle of Humankind to create an indigenous bird forest and sanctuary. 

While 450 staff members from the Total South Africa Head Office in Rosebank were enthralled through three live workshops by the dedicated Plant Nation facilitators, members from various depots and regional offices participated through parallel workshops which they ran by watching the instructions in a pre-recorded video. In addition to the Rosebank Head Office, staff from the following regions also participated:



East London



Island View Terminal


Arbor Day 2018 was not only fun for Total South Africa staff members, but it was also educational and created awareness of the importance of trees and the essential elements of tree maintenance.