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26/10/2016 News

Total South Africa awards deserving learners

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Bhukulani Secondary School in Zondi, Soweto, has been known for producing brilliant matric pass rates since the appointment of a new school principal in 1998.  The school underwent a huge transformation under the leadership of its Principal, Dr MM Mathe, and Total South Africa was enthralled with the transformation the school underwent in just under a period of a year.

Matric exams in South Africa have fairly low standards: In order to pass, learners must have a 40 percent mark in three subjects and a 30 percent mark in three more subjects. Bhukulani’s results are far above the national average. At the beginning of every year, the school staff members and governance committee set their own targets and work around meeting those targets.

As a result of the school’s achievements, the school is in great demand, which has seen its enrolment grow from 611 students in 1998 to the current 1,200.

“Our learners are groomed as from Grade 8, we instil hardworking morals from a young age and we’d like to thank Total South Africa for acknowledging our work and giving us an opportunity to award our learners for the hard work and dedication they put in their studies. Since we’ve partnered with Total in 2013, we have observed that more and more learners are being motivated to work even harder,” says Dr MM Mathe.

Dr Mathe’s leadership restored the culture of teaching and learning at the school. This process became a huge task but his method saw the school achieve a whopping 70% matric pass rate as compared to the previous year, when only a 21.5% matric pass rate was achieved under the previous leadership. The school’s success is due to the belief that “the most important client is the learner.”

“As Total South Africa, we were impressed by the school’s achievements over the years. Bhukulani is just a typical no-fee township school like most schools in the townships. But the determination of its principal, the staff, the school's governance committee and parents continue to motivate the learners to produce great results,” says Mrs Nyameka Makonya, Sustainable Development Manager at Total South Africa. “We believe that if Bhukulani Secondary School can do it, so can any other township school.”