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16/10/2018 News

Leopard Conservation Project

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As part of Total’s environmental conservation focus, Total South Africa is proud to announce a fuel sponsorship to the Leopard Conservation Project.

Fred Berrangé established the Leopard Conservation Project (LCP) in 2000, and together with other concerned citizens has had the privilege to conserve leopards in many different locations throughout Southern Africa.

The focus of the project has primarily been to protect leopards from poaching, poisoning, trapping, and over-hunting, however in recent years focus has shifted to also include the collection of data on population and territory size as well as the genetic relatedness and diversity of leopards within different regions. Collaring these animals has enabled the LCP to collect data that will contribute to a better understanding of how these animals are equipped and affected by the challenges they face.

Says Fred Berrangé, "Total's sponsorship will go a long way in helping us in our work.  We often travel long distances to get to leopards in need and often over harsh terrain and in rough conditions.  Every cent counts and we are most grateful for your support."