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Qetello, General Manager: Sales and Marketing

Qetello is committed to better energy through targeted projects

Due to the pressing need from green transformation in South Africa, Total South Africa is making various assessable advancements in technology to lead the petroleum industry towards a greener future through Total’s Committed to Better Energy strategy.  Total South Africa’s environmental and corporate social investment policies are focused on ensuring that the Company delivers on its commitment to preserve our natural environment. 

To this end, Qetello, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Total South Africa has been instrumental in implementing Total South Africa’s Committed to Better Energy strategy through the introduction of Total South Africa’s new environmentally friendly service stations. 

Total South Africa’s environmentally friendly service stations

In 2013, under the leadership of Qetello and her team, Total South Africa was the first petroleum company to introduce what can be described as “the service station of the future” when it launched and opened its new eco-friendly site at 14th Avenue, Fairland, Johannesburg, Gauteng. The project will span a 5 year period targeting the revamp of 100 sites per annum.

These new service stations feature energy saving and recycling initiatives which improve the impact that these sites have on the environment and communities that surround them. These include the recycling and harvesting of rain water, eco-friendly pumps used to heat water, increasing the use of natural light in the convenience stores and in the forecourts as well as the introduction of recycling bins. The new service stations have used recycled material in the construction of its flooring and for stone cladding.

“Apart from the environmentally friendly features within the new service stations, the project aims to harness a more environmentally conscious attitude amongst our employees and service station owners and thus create a culture of accountability and responsibility in everything that we do,” explains Qetello.

Through the project, Total South Africa has achieved an impressive 59% alternative energy contribution towards its overall consumption in the new service stations – proof that the purpose of introducing energy-reducing initiatives such as these reaches beyond the environmental argument. The construction and development phase of each sustainable service station is in accordance with close adherence to sustainable development best practice. 

“Over the long term, Total South Africa will work in close collaboration with affiliate businesses to further reduce traditional energy consumption and its operational impact on the environment through the introduction of more environmentally friendly service stations across the country as part of our commitment to our Committed to Better Energy strategy,” adds Qetello.  

Qetello’s role at Total South Africa

Qetello currently holds the position of General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Total South Africa where she is responsible for the sale of fuel products, largely diesel, petrol and lubricants, to retail, commercial and mining customers. Qetello is also accountable for developing new innovative and unique retail and commercial offers for customers with the objective of growing Total South Africa as a business and promoting the brand through product promotions and advertising campaigns.

Qetello’s notable achievements within Total South Africa

With over a decade of experience in the sales and marketing sector, Qetello has many notable achievements of which she is extremely proud. Qetello, together with her team, were influential in increasing the ranking of Total service stations in the Sunday Times brand Survey 2014.

According to the survey, Total South Africa is the third most liked brand in the petrol station category surpassing two other brands that were ahead of Total in previous versions of the survey. I am extremely proud of my team for their hard work and dedication,” she concludes.



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"I am extremely proud of my team for their hard work and dedication"

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